80’s at 8 pm with Tracee Tuesday

Here are just a few of the things that make the 80’s great…

1. Scrunchies are the best hair accessory invented. period.

3. Seriously, who doesn’t wish they could’ve gone to a rock concert in the 80’s?

5. Say Anything showed us what a true romantic gesture looks like. Take notes, boys.

7. The lingo was totally rad.

9. Pac-man.

2. The music. The music. Oh, and did I mention the music?

4. Legwarmers are both stylish and comfortable. And they can make anyone feel like a dancer.

6. Journey taught us to never stop believing.

8. It was perfectly okay for your hair to be ridiculously huge and frizzy. That was considered cool.

10. The 80’s took us to the future.

80’s at 8 pm

Weekdays at 8 pm

Featuring 1 hour of the best 80’s hits. ┬áThe 80’s…music, the clothes, the movies. It’s the decade that brought us some of the greatest artists, television shows, and fashion trends.

Host: Tracee Tuesday

Host: Tracee Tuesday