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  • Deschutes River Urban Corridor Hike
    Hosted by the Coalition For The Deschutes, this 6-mile interpretive hike gives an overview of the many ways the Deschutes River is used, and how it has changed through the decades. We’ll make several stops along the way, including canal diversions and a hydro power station on the southern edge of town. More INFO HERE. When: Wednesday, May 22, 8:30 am – 1:00 pm Where: Deschutes River Trail. Meet near the canals on NE Division, approximately across the street from the old Riverbend Brewing Sports Pub location.   The post Deschutes River Urban Corridor Hike appeared first on Backyardbend.... Read more »
  • Leslie Gulch Hike In Oregon’s Owyhee Canyon Wilderness
    Eastern Oregon offers some of the most amazing wilderness and natural areas in the lower 48 and the Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA) is a leader in protecting and sharing these areas for public enjoyment. ONDA has several hikes detailed on their website to help you explore this region of Oregon. This hike offers different user levels the opportunity to get to some awesome Eastern Oregon desert landscapes. Follow the link to the ONDA website for the full description of this recommended hike. https://onda.org/hike/leslie-gulch/ Remember this is a remote and fragile area of Oregon, so please learn about traveling in these wild areas and use environmentally friendly practices while enjoying. From the ONDA website – Leslie Gulch Hike Description “Visit the Leslie Gulch Wilderness Study Area to hike through sandy washes to reach panoramic amphitheaters of stone and sage. Over 200 bighorn sheep live in Leslie Gulch, along with mule deer and Rocky Mountain elk.... Read more »