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  • Gaining A Cosmic Perspective
    This is going to be pretty cool if you are into astronomy and cosmology, or if you just really like looking out at the night sky in Central Oregon and marveling at it’s beauty. Astronomy lecturer Scott Fisher will reveal the wonders of the Universe during a lecture on “The Cosmic Perspective.” Using images and videos from observatories including the Hubble Space Telescope and the Pine Mountain Observatory, Scott will use an easy-to-grasp scale that relates us to the actual size of the Universe we inhabit. With that new perspective, he will lead a discussion of one of the most exciting recent discoveries in all of astronomy–the existence of Exoplanets, the 3,500 planets we have identified that are known to orbit stars other than the Sun. More Info Here! The post Gaining A Cosmic Perspective appeared first on Backyardbend.... Read more »
  • Cairn Garage Sale Jan 19th
    Local Outdoor Start-up, Cairn is having a garage sale today, Jan 19th 230pm – 6pm. The Cairn Crew is excited to welcome the community into our headquarters for great deals on “as is” merchandise (including brand new, damaged packaging, lightly used, and scratch and dent). Come in early for the best selection! More Info Here! Proceeds from the Garage Sale will benefit The Conservation Alliance. PLUS, you get a free taco with purchase from the El Sancho cart that will be visiting Cairn HQ during the garage sale. We’ll also have some fun treats, beer and surprises for everyone that comes by! Keep an eye on this event post for additional details as the event nears. We’ll be set up until 6pm, or until supplies run out. The post Cairn Garage Sale Jan 19th appeared first on Backyardbend.... Read more »